We cant say it’s a shock, there was already plenty of suspicions regarding whether or not the Volkswagens in Europe are in the same boat as those in the UK. Well now we can confirm that they are thanks to a confession from Volkswagen, who at this point are probably thinking it is best to just come clean before someone else exposes them from the outside (maybe some of the other manufacturers could learn from this).

Germany’s transport minister, Alexander Dobrindt said: “We have been informed that also in Europe, vehicles with 1.6 and 2.0-litre diesel engines are affected by the manipulations that are being talked about.”

What we don’t quite understand is why it is some engines and not others? Surely if they could report real stats on some of their cleaner engines that means they had the technology to achieve those stats without cheating? The level of deception at work is quite incredible, over the last few years the emissions a car produces has become more and more of a priority when it comes to picking a car, one of the main reasons I bought my second hand Citroen DS5 is because of the low emissions that it claimed, obviously real world levels weren’t quite as good as the advertised figures, but I guess we’ve learnt to accept being mislead a little. Yet if I found Citroen had deceived me on a level similar to Volkswagen I would absolutely flip.

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