SsangYong SIV-1 concept

Introducing the SsangYong car that ‘defines the brand’s new design philosophy! It is due to appear at the years Geneva Motor Show, take a look:


SsangYong is looking to make a big impression at this year’s Geneva Motor Show in March. It has been described as a ‘mid-premium CUV crossover utility vehicle’ and it marks a much needed change in direction for SsangYong. It is being hailed as the car that ‘defines the brand’s new design philosophy’, and it has a modern muscular look about it which gives of a sportier than usual (for SsangYong) impression. We think it is a great look, especially when you compare it to the likes of the SsangYong Rodius. Having driven a second hand Rodius for myself, I can only hope that they have improved the SsangYong driving experience as well as their design philosophy.

It is as wide and long as the Land Rover Freelander, taller than the Range Rover Evoque and it is set to rival the Kia Sportage.

Interior wise, not much has been disclosed regarding the SIV-1, thought they have confirmed that it will contain four independent bucket seats and a ‘mobile audio system’; whatever that is. We are guessing that this car will eventually reach production, and we are excited to see how it is received at Geneva, but it is definitely a good move from SsangYong, if they want their brand to excel.

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Welcome to Virtual Software LTD, from here on out we will be looking at the future technology and software which you can expect to occupy our cars and everyday lives in the not too distant future. It seemed to make sense that we should focus on the automotive side of things as there is most definitely change in the air, what with a constant technological race for the next source of power. Cars are also the first products to be integrated with more common technology as it evolves, i.e most cars are now being built to integrate with smart phone. Even if you own a second hand car, there are easy ways of giving it the modern touch, buy simply installing a Bluetooth compatible radio which will play your iTunes from your iPhone, without having to plug it in!

Cars are becoming so computerised, that there is talk of some models which can be serviced (to an extent) by downloading the latest updates directly onto your car from the internet, as you would on a computer or a smart phone. Servicing your car has never sounded so attractive!

So join us as we learn about all the new car parts and software that the technological world has to offer, and witness it change your life!


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